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Predictable hurt.

Once again, same old thorn from that scentless rose, bleeds my heart...
Seeing no other way, but hiding myself again so ashamed for things that I never did...
Pretending it was nothing, pretending I have no it was just like a walk in the same park;
Couldn't take one more step, face's more slaps;
Thought I was tough, thought I could push it a little further...
Guess I'm wrong, guess a heart attack awaits so calm...just as this pale face of mine keeps on showing a soul which suffers;
Alone in a corner, absence of words mistaken for threat;
Seeing no way out, damn light to enlighten same wrong path...silent whispers of death;
Wishes of peaceful rest, wishes themselves won't do trick...
Feeling dizzy, sick minds so called sane, saying I'm the weak...wicked;
Some will say to just move need to look back, leave your own demons behind;
Somehow they never leave me, somehow there's always a strange need of a bitter taste from the same old tear fallen from my eyes;
Someday, perhaps...somehow;
I'll just try not to worry that much and rest my issues to haunt my dreams, in anyhow;
Falling to pieces, trying to rebuild what's left from me again...
Falling to pieces, pretending it's just an accident, but not the same old madness striking like a curse, once again;
Tomorrow's supposed to be another day, another chance's supposed to be born as sun rises...
Tomorrow's just like yesterday, lying to myself to keep alive that warm heat...just as that cold breeze blows in a graveyard of hopes, where my spirit for so long awaits for my flesh to finally find dire need!

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