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Truly alive.

Looking up at that empty night, even sky is feeling absence of my shining stars;
Nothing to hold inside, my heart is gone for eternity...not even blood to bleed or even a cut to turn into a scar;
I've felt like this before, but never thought I'd grow older to feel this way again and the pain...hurts even more;
Pain and numbness, numb screm inside my soul and madness;
Sorrow and sorry for still being alive...sorry for not succeding after all these years of trying;
Crying...I'm still trying, but even tears are gone from those old green eyes, wrinkled face of a young man, but so tired;
Feel that old shiver down the spine, guess it's just me...missing my early days when life, was all about roses and wine;
Now, even time has come and roses have died, withering season just doesn't seem to be I walk my last misery mile;
Sands of time keep on falling, this is still just me looking at an empty sky...waiting with no cry or reason to be smiling;
Falling...this is where I stand now, falling forever to where I belong...and make my way back somehow;
Not a reason to cry, though I'm still hearing this annoying and haunting whiper of sorrow...glad, it's just for the last time;
From this rooftop with no time ran for once over as my love for life ran definitely dry; a bird, but no wings made of cheap wax were made for my to fly;
I'll find peace I'm sure...when my body finds its destiny over that concrete and cold boulevard;
When fire's forever gone, when spirit's forever free...when I finally untie this last cursed knot...
And feel in death, then...truly alive.

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  1. Just hoping it makes sense...this time!

  2. Eu ainda estou tentando,... Ainda que seja qualquer coisa que poder fazer tentar talvez sempre é a solução para quem estende a mão, Quando se há uma ideia de passar o que sente no poema a alma chega arrepia, menino perfeito.


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